Hey There! I'm Jamar :)

Front-End Developer

What I do


I specialize in small business web development and design for clients all over the US. I custom code everything line by line to ensure you have a site that brings in traffic by the boatload. They consist of models that funnel traffic and attention to bring in more customers and revenue to your business.


I optimize websites to rank highly on Google, perform well on all platforms, and load as fast as possible.


I offer 24/7 customer service, unlimited edits, Google SEO, and many more features with my developing service.

My Work

Who Am I?

Designer & developer from FL

My name is Jay, a computer science student and web developer. Throughout high school, I was fascinated teaching myself how to make websites, code, and more through the robotics and tech club. Learning to write the code myself was the best decision I've made, and through this venture I prove it every day by helping businesses grow and scale to bigger and better. In my free time, I love enjoying music, video games and movies (feel free to recommend me some!).

My work